ISIZ has a new name!

As of March 1st 2016 we are continuing our services as DataIM.

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We are ISIZ, the specialist in technical online solutions.

No questionnaire is too complicated and there’s no target group that cannot be found. ISIZ will help you achieve the optimum response for your survey whilst remaining focused on quality, flexibility and innovation.



Online Survey

ISIZ programmes the best looking and most user friendly online questionnaires. You set up the survey and carry out the analysis; ISIZ takes care of the hosting, invitations and secure data collection.

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Real-time dashboard

An overview of your survey at all times, everywhere and in real-time. An online dashboard gives you continuous insight into the data collected and results. Significantly, you can combine multiple data sources.

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Online monitoring system

You can easily monitor customers, students, consumers or patients across several surveys. An online monitoring system is an automatic process that provides you with clear insights.

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Mobile solutions

Mobile is the present and the future. Our software is responsive, meaning it works at all times and everywhere. This will considerably increase your response and ensure a much better experience filling in the questionnaire.

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direct feedback

Direct Feedback

If you want your target group’s opinion immediately after the moment of contact or their experience, then ISIZ’s feedback solutions will make this possible. Since we are able to link our software very flexibly to your own systems, you can get immediate insight into your valuable results.

online community

Online Community

You create constant interaction with your target group which provides you with better insight into what your customers think, what they do and what they want. This is done via an online panel combined with online brainstorming sessions, chat sessions, forum functionality and all possible Social Media applications.

closed loop

Closed Loop

Using a Closed Loop System, you guarantee that your customers or respondents will be heard. Our SurveyAlerts application immediately registers every incident, every extremely positive or negative answer or every complaint and guarantees that action will be taken.

automatische rapportages

Automatic Reports

A range of reports is available in a variety of sizes; online or offline, dynamic or static, in Word, PDF, PowerPoint or tables. ISIZ can help you whatever your requirements. Once set up, you can view the report personally at any given moment or export the real-time results.

self assessment

Online self-assessments

ISIZ programmes a large number of complex forms into which participants are able to upload files and obtain a personalised outcome based on the calculations. If you connect a Close Loop system to this you guarantee that action will be taken.

Integration with external (CRM) system

ISIZ can easily connect with CRM systems such as SAP, AFAS or Salesforce. In so doing, you can link customer data, sales figures and/or satisfaction to the results of your online surveys and display them in a real-time online dashboard.